Vehicle Telematics

Our industry leading vehicle equipment has produced exceptional results for our clients and provides solutions that undeniably redefine the way vehicle risk is analysed.

170° Field
of View

SmartWitness camera lenses capture the entire front and peripheral views of the road ahead for maximum evidence capture.

Cellular Video /
Data Transfer

SmartWitness offers cellular-enabled systems which provide instant video and driving data within minutes of an accident or road event.

G-Force Sensor

Integrated 3-Axis G-Force sensors provide detailed impact & driving behaviour data. G-Forces auto-calibrate & are customisable per axis.

Automated & Secure

SmartWitness products are designed for automatic power-up, operation & shut-down. Our tamper-resistant designs reduce driver interference.

Built-in GPS

GPS provides crucial evidence in all road events such as vehicle location, speed, direction and accurate time/date and driving routes.


From dual SD card redundancy to automatic SD formatting & system health checks, SmartWitness ensures your road events are recorded & retained.

Audio Recording

Built-in microphones record crisp, clear audio inside the vehicle. Audio recording can be easily turned off in the settings.

Multiple Cameras

Connect up to 8 cameras per vehicle for maximum recording capture and increase blind-spot visibility for drivers.
...always a pleasure to deal with, was very attentive and saved the company a lot of money (and me a lot of hassle). I would recommend wholeheartedly as a highly customer-centric account director.
Danny Haikin - Brand Director, Bowers & Wilkins