A virtual landline number to your mobile

No apps or installation

Choose from 01, 02 and 03 numbers

Contact us today to claim your virtual landline number

Unlimited inbound minutes

No installation process

£7.50 + VAT per month

No contract!

    Local and Global

    Virtual landlines will help build your business with a local, national or international image

    Unlimited Calls

    All calls are unlimited to your mobile and will come with an area code starting 01, 02, 03 for local presence, or 0330/0333 for a national presence

    WhatsApp Business Compatible

    Link your new virtual landline number to a business WhatsApp account – keep your mobile number private & even dial out with your new landline number from the app!

    The business whatsapp logo. A landline number for mobile service is compatible with business whatsapp, allowing you to advertise your business on the app, and have customers and prospects message you through your virtual landline number.

    Established Image For Your Business

    Compete with the big brands by having your own landline presence

    Lots Of Areas To Choose From

    Go for something local to you or perhaps a city you want to get more business in

    Flexible Call Routing

    Change the number divert quickly and easily with our support team

    Existing Numbers Welcome

    Port your existing number to our platform within 30 days

    Caller’s ID

    Know who is calling by seeing the callers ID. If it is a saved contact – it will show them!

    No Relocation Issues

    Keep your number wherever your business moves to

    Unlimited Calls To Your UK Mobile

    One set price for unlimited calls to your mobile – truly unlimited!

    Global Options

    Operating in other countries? Get an international number to your mobile

    Multiple Areas To Cover

    Want to be the next mainland or south coast supplier? Get more than one number and build a virtual presence in those key locations.

    One price

    Unlimited divert to UK mobile

    Dedicated account management

    One contact for any support for all services

    Mobile discounts for you

    Virtual landline customers earn discounts on our Wintercomms mobile SIMs

    Regular reviews

    Face to face or over
    the phone

    How do I place an order?

    All your need to do is tell us if you want a local number (01, 02 or 03) or a national number (0330, 0333) and we will send you a selection to choose from.

    Same Day Setup

    Once you have decided on your number, we need your billing name, address & the number to divert to – and you are good to go!

    “How quickly can I have my new numbers?”

    Local and national numbers can be set-up within minutes. We don’t use systems to process orders, we use people.

    Cherry Pick Your Numbers

    We will email you a list of numbers to choose from based on your requirements, once you have decided on the number, just reply to that email – we will secure it with the supplier and then send you an order form to complete the transaction.


    We then point the new number to your UK mobile for you to test, once you are happy, we will send over the GoCardless direct debit mandate & you are good to go!

    Get Your Number

    More Features

    Book a Free Consultation

    Not sure if your concerns have been answered? Speak to one of our team for a quick consultation and free advice. Call us today on 02394 213 800 or book a consultation at a time that suits you!

    What do our customers say about our Virtual Landline service?

    “My main source of contact is my mobile phone but some of my customers still like to call a landline number.

    Wintercomms offered me a great service which allows customers to contact the landline but has the convenience of all coming through to my phone making my life easier.

    The service provided is exceptional and so easy to get through to someone if ever I have any queries. I would definitely recommend them to anyway who is looking for similar service and outstanding customer service.” – Scott, Builder

    Customer Feedback

    Smartphone devices work seamlessly with a landline number for mobile service

    What options do I have in the future with a virtual landline number?


    With a virtual landline, you can choose to change who the calls are diverted to, as your company grows. Too busy to take the call? No problem, divert it to a call answering service or another member of your team.


    As you grow & you look to incorporate desk handset or soft phones, we can quickly upgrade your technology to have features like: outbound calling on your number, hold and transfer calls, Company voicemail & open/close times, & more!

    Modern technology

    As the virtual landline service is internet based, we can quickly change who we are diverting the number to, and upgrade equipment quickly if you need more features from your service.

    Book A Consultation

    Get Your Number

    Upgrade your landline number for mobile with the 8x8 voip telephony app. This is an app that will allow you to dial out showing your local landline number, whilst having the ability to also receive calls on the app too.

    How you want to take calls

    We can point them to your phone as a normal phone call, give you an app to answer and make calls – or set a rule up to point them to a third party to answer on your behalf

    No matter where you are in your company journey, we can compliment the way you work with smart telephony

    Talk to us today to find out more!

    Book A Consultation

    Looking for more from your telephony system?

    More features

    Analytics, call recording, call transfer, hold, marketing messages and set open/close times

    Working from home, the office – anywhere

    All you need is a stable internet connection to use our telephony product, why not book in a free demo to see it for yourself?

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