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One easy communications app for you and one flexible, secure platform for your business

Simply connect your business landline number to your team with an app that can be used on smartphones, tablets, desktops and traditional style telephony handsets. Increase collaboration and internal communications with calls, instant messaging and video meetings in the same place.

Streamline your business communication technology

Enjoy your new telephony solution within hours – simply download the 8×8 Work application to your chosen device, login and start to enjoy the benefits of cloud telephony for your business today!

Unlimited UK calling

Free calls to UK mobile and landline

Do business anywhere

Take calls on smartphones, tablets & desktop

Hosted services

Service provided by more than 15 data centres around the world

One system

Link all your sites with one system & one global address book

One app for all comms

Increase collaboration and communication with your teams with calls, chat and video

Disaster recovery built-in

Divert your important numbers instantly during power cuts & internet outages


Call queues, mobile diverts, out of hours & divert to call answering services easily

Instant messaging

Bring your teams together instantly

Conference and video

Baked into the app to reduce your expenses

One App

Calls, instant messaging and video

UK & International

Landline numbers available for over 100+ countries

Small Business

Simple rules set system to make sure you never miss an opportunity

Large Business

Call centre analytics and supervisor roles to keep teams organised and focused

Small Business use expanded

Give your business a professional telephony system for your new and existing customers. Pre-recorded caller greetings at the relevant open and close times for your office hours.

Company Voicemail

Company voicemail, busy diverts to queues or call answering services, will make sure you never miss a lead. Call from anywhere in the world, you just need 4G or Wi-Fi to access the app and begin dialling.

UK & International Presence

Looking to expand? Represent other local areas by utilising their area code for direct mail or calling campaigns and route them all back to your app.

Large Business use expanded

Easily deploy user licences within the administration portal. Build call queues, ring groups and auto attendants within a few clicks of a button.

Multiple Outbound and Inbound Numbers

Upload your professional recordings to one place, allow users to represent the office number or unique DDI for all calling campaigns.


Integrate with Microsoft Teams & other leading CRM systems out the box to keep your users learning curve minimal and onboarding new users effortlessly.

What is 8×8?

By integrating voice, video, chat, contact centre, and enterprise-class API solutions into one global, secure, reliable cloud communications platform, people are more connected and productive no matter where they are in the world. 8×8 is suitable for a new start-up to a global enterprise. The technology can be accessed on a smartphone, desktop, or traditional style desk telephone.

Out the box integration

The consultation process is key

We talk to your to understand what challenges you are having with your communication technology. Are you a small business owner that is too busy to answer the phone? Perhaps a divert to call answering services is the answer. Are you an entrepreneur that is always on the road and you only want important calls coming to you? We can help with that. Do you want to look professional to anyone calling your business? Maybe a pre-recorded greeting is just the answer.

“What numbers can I choose from?”

We have access to all UK area codes and a select few of non-geographic codes to give your business a national presence, if that is what you prefer. Why not mix and match? Perhaps your next marketing campaign would be better suited to a new number? Target the next location with a more local approach for your telesales or direct mail campaign & see the analytics report to measure the performance.

“Can I keep my existing number?”

Yes. All we need is a copy of your existing invoice and we can port your number to our platform within 30 days. During this time, you will have access to a temporary number to divert your existing calls to.

“How easy is this to deploy?”

Logins are emailed to the relevant user & they can create their own password – then all they need to do is install the ‘8×8 Work’ application to login and start dialling, messaging and video calling. We build the phone system behind the scenes to make sure your calls are coming in at the correct times & anything outside of working hours is following a rule set, perhaps company voicemail or divert to out of hours services. Systems are typically built within 24 hours, depending on complexity, and customers are welcome to record and provide their own pre-recorded greetings, or we can do it for you.

“I use Microsoft Teams, but I want to improve the telephony, can you help?”

Yes, our system integrates with Microsoft Teams out of the box. Our engineers will handle the technical parts of the integration & you and your users can continue to use the Teams interface, with all the benefits of having a global telephony provider pulling the strings behind the scenes.

What do our customers say?

“…the best telephony system to suit our needs in order to service our international client base and our business as we grow.” – Lauren, Director. 

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Use your business landline anywhere

Make sure you have the best telephony experience possible for your team, prospects & customers. No-one likes a call that is not for them, and no one likes to be speaking to the wrong person.

Call Transfer

Calls transferred to the best team member for the enquiry, will give the best experience for everyone – avoid wasting time by putting the wrong calls in the wrong hands, speed up the pick-up time and reduce call length.

Professional Greetings & Marketing Messages

Professional pre-recorded messages to greet your callers & notify them of opening times and offers when calling out of hours, all adds to the experience and another way for you to build your brand.

Marketing-on-hold, play a pre-recorded message of the latest offer, industry news or trend to give value to those waiting to speak to your advisors.


Keep on top of call trends with live analytics for call journeys, answer time, callee availability, performance wallboards and call-back those valuable abandoned & missed calls.


Book a Free Consultation

We understand that every situation is unique and for that reason we encourage you to book a consultation to go through the detail. Book a consultation with us to discuss your current challenges and we will offer free advice and if we feel we can help, we will provide a no obligation quotation to remedy your current pain points. Let’s talk today!

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