What Makes 5G Technology Better?

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How It All Started?

We live in a world where we are all dependent on the internet. It is hard to imagine a world without instant communication, especially after smartphone and mobile technologies. It all started with the 1G, an analogue technology that offered little security, low voice quality, and frequent dropped calls. It wasn’t the most effective or efficient solution for businesses.

2G & 3G mobile Networks

Later, the technology world leaped onto 2G technology, where the text and call encryption features were introduced. Along with it came services like picture messages, SMS, and MMS. However, 3G (third-generation mobile networks) truly revolutionised everything, bringing better connectivity and mobile phone capabilities. Suddenly, social media was available to everyone, and the whole internet was in the palm of our hands. Now people could share videos, conduct video calls with their peers. 3G technology was a truly remarkable innovation in the business world.

4G, Better Than Ever

The world went through yet another transformation with the introduction of 4G mobile technology. The 4th generation of networks was five times faster than its predecessor and undeniably a remarkable technological advancement. With 4G technology, it takes less than a second to load a webpage on a regular smartphone (0.78 seconds approximately).

5G, The Future of Connectivity

But we needed more – something even faster and the capability to handle endless traffic with efficiency and minimal latency. Now the world anticipates the fifth generation of mobile networks. Expert analysts predict that 5G technology can offer connectivity speed 20 times faster than 4G. Undoubtedly, this will change how we use our smartphones and the way we connect to the internet.

According to a study by Qualcomm, 5G technology is driving global business growth of approximately $13.2 Trillion and contributing $2.1 Trillion in GDP growth. 5G is having a more significant impact on the business in comparison with the previous generations. A study also revealed that 5G technology could support 22.3 million jobs by the year 2035.

Summing It Up

At Wintercomms, we believe in taking things forward every day making new strides in mobile network technology. 5G technology is not a substitute but an addition to the 4G capabilities and will simply add to it. The super-fast network will surely empower the substantial growth of IoT (IoT), where all devices are interconnected and constantly communicate.

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