COVID-19 Is Here to Stay – It’s Time to Get Tech Ready

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Imagine this – you’re on your bed, all comfortable in your PJs doing what almost an entire UK is doing right now, i.e., work from home. You can’t go to the office because you’re in lockdown and need to practice social distancing. You are not bound in any way – sit wherever you want. However you need, get the job done. But what if you have a poor internet connection? Things aren’t comfortable anymore, are they?

While most people prefer to work from home from the comfort of their couch, you simply cannot work in peace with a poor Wi-Fi connection. Clearly, working from home isn’t as easy as one might think. But it’s now clear that work from home is likely the new norm for the foreseeable future, we need to be ready – TECH READY! As a manager, if you’re going to ask your employees to work from home for a long time, you need to give them access to all the tools to help them work efficiently.

We’ve entered 2021, and we are all now used to using platforms like Zoom and Teams. But it’s no longer just about getting started – it is about making sure your organisation has the right tools to sustain its performance and improve it gradually. A recent survey by Onecom found that nearly 86% of the businesses faced significant tech-related issues during the lockdown. Here are some of the common challenges and how to overcome them.

Frozen Screen

At this point, each one of us has seen what a frozen video call looks like, and it’s not something to be taken lightly. A frozen skin or unclear voice call disrupt your everyday business operations and delay communication among team members. No doubt, your home broadband isn’t enough to handle the traffic of homeworking. Our experts at recommend going for something faster like 5G routers.

Getting the right phone to ring

Today, the majority of the business operations rely on strong communication solutions, which means manual call diverting just won’t do that job, with 28 depots all across the UK, that’s a major challenge. You need to invest in technology that automates the whole process. Ask yourself, what happens to the call when there is no one in the office to divert the call? If you don’t have the right solution in place, you’re missing out on many key sales opportunities. We highly recommend investing in a smart system that diverts your calls to the right phone without any human intervention.

Stay Connected to Your Work Home

A lot of us have this habit of being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. With the help of cloud-based solutions like Office 365, professionals in every sector are taking their office with them. Immediate access to emails, projects, and team video calls, among several other things.

However, the one thing that a smartphone cannot do is give you a personal portable computer that you can carry around. Many high-tech entrepreneurs are using Samsung tablets and several other Galaxy devices for applications like Smart TVs, presentation and casting movies to overcome this problem.

All in All

Strong communication is definitely a major requirement in today’s competitive world, especially while working from home. has a better capacity to accommodate your needs across a number of devices, ensuring cross-platform communication. Our software offers Increased bandwidths and high-download speeds that will improve application performance and reducing bottlenecks.

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