How Can 5G Technology Benefit Your Business?

It might be happening slower than what most people would have thought, but the 5G revolution is just around the corner. Network providers are enthusiastic about their 5G deployments, and mobile hardware manufacturers are developing hardware to support these networks.


What Makes 5G Technology Better?

How It All Started? We live in a world where we are all dependent on the internet. It is hard to imagine a world without instant communication, especially after smartphone and mobile technologies. It all started with the 1G, an


Work from Home Tips for Business Leaders

We are in a lockdown and maintaining social distancing from colleagues we used to meet every day under the same roof. Now, times have changed, and we need to learn to adapt to these circumstances. Times are complicated, and there


COVID-19 Is Here to Stay – It’s Time to Get Tech Ready

Imagine this – you’re on your bed, all comfortable in your PJs doing what almost an entire UK is doing right now, i.e., work from home. You can’t go to the office because you’re in lockdown and need to practice


Top Trends Impacting the Telecommunication Sector In 2021

As we enter the new decade, technology continues to transform the telecom industry in various ways. From the threat of cyberattacks to artificial intelligence (AI), here are some of the top trends impacting the telecommunication sector in 2021. BIG DATA


Why Should Businesses Start Using Cloud Communication and Collaboration Solutions?

Effective and efficient communication is a vital component of all successful businesses. Even though cloud-based communication solutions are expanding in all industries and business sectors, some organizations don’t find it a compelling platform for their businesses. After all, what are


Pros and Cons of Hosted Phone Systems

70% of office telephony systems are on-site. The new kid on the block is a hosted service, which means low cost of ownership and the system kept off-site in a data centre. With everything from movie streaming, email & office software blossoming in the hosted world – does this work for phone systems too?


Communication Challenges of Working from Home

Remote work comes with numerous challenges associated with communication. Conducting team meetings, coordinating with your peers, and getting updates on important information may not seem easy, but does it have to be difficult?

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