Virtual landline UK, you need one

What is a virtual landline uk number?

We take a UK local or national landline number, virtualise it, and point it to a UK mobile with unlimited minutes, and that is the virtual landline uk solution in a nutshell. This means that you do not need wifi or mobile data to use our service, it will point the call to the device like a normal telephone call, meaning less stress for you!

Virtual landlines to mobile is a new way of thinking about local and national business telephone numbers and a service that the modern business should always have.

Why have a virtual landline uk number?

This service is ideal for businesses that want to advertise a landline number on their website and answer calls on their mobile.

This removes the need to advertise a personal mobile number for those unwanted calls. It is also very simple to double this service up with a brand new business mobile SIM.

A modern smartphone with a colourful screen that is compatible with the virtual landline uk service

Who is this virtual telephony service for?

The modern business professional. Whether you are a micro business, startup or corporate, a virtual landline will give you the ability to point those landline enquiries, right to a mobile device , wherever you are.

When is it best to get a virtual landline number?

As soon as you can as the set-up is instant and virtual landline number can travel with you wherever you go, meaning any advertising, paid or otherwise, will always have a contact number that you can keep. Don’t waste time and money reprinting your marketing collateral, get a new number early and keep it for as long as your business is trading!

A local number is inexpensive and flexible. It will help you gain enquiries from those local and national customers that want to deal with a company that look established – and a landline number will help build that trust.

What if you want more from your virtual landline service?

A basic device without many data features, fully capable of using a virtual landline uk number

How do you get one?

Setting up the service is very simple, just tell us the local or national area code you want to represent, and we will send you a list to choose from because once you have decided on the right number for you, we will point it to the mobile number of your choice, and your all set!

The calls will come through like a normal telephone call, so if you have the contact saved in your address book, that is what you will see!

Setting up the service is quick and easy and that number can stay with your business for life meaning that is one less thing for you to worry about.

Talk to the team to find out how a local number can transform your customer contact strategy!

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