Virtual Landline Portsmouth

A Portsmouth landline number that diverts to your mobile!


02393 or 02394 > to your mobile!

Unlimited inbound minutes!

No installation process!

First 30 days free with a direct debit sign up for £7.50 + VAT per month

No contract!

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    Would you like to look local and established?

    Increase revenue from local customers?

    Increase your business appeal locally?


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    Add a Virtual Landline Number to your business contact strategy!

    £7.50 +VAT per month

    A virtual landline number that simply diverts to their mobile

    1. No contract
    2. No painful setup process
    3. Your number to keep
    4. No internet issues – calls come through as a normal phone call
    5. Link your landline to Business Whatsapp
    6. Keep your mobile number private
    7. Get our first 30 days free if you sign up to a direct debit
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    Virtual Landline

    A virtual landline number (01, 02, 03) will give a business a local, established and trusted image

    The number simply diverts to a mobile phone. No apps, no installation and no need for Wi-Fi

    Avoid the need to advertise a personal mobile number and appeal to your target market

    Want to know more?

    Click the below link to book a demo!

    Local and Global

    Virtual landlines will help build your business with a local, national or international image

    Unlimited Calls

    All calls are unlimited to a mobile and will come with an area code starting 01, 02, 03 for local presence, or 0330/0333 for a national presence

    WhatsApp Business Compatible

    Link a virtual landline number to a business WhatsApp account – keep your mobile number private & even dial out with your new landline number from the app!

    The business whatsapp logo. A landline number for mobile service is compatible with business whatsapp, allowing you to advertise your business on the app, and have customers and prospects message you through your virtual landline number.

    “How quickly can I have my new numbers?”

    Local and national numbers can be set-up within seconds

    Cherry Pick Your Numbers

    Pick from a selection that we will send you to choose from


    Simply point the new number to a UK mobile – you are set!


    Call or email us if you ever need to change the divert or add more users to the service

    Traditional landlines are ending – 2025

    BT announced back in 2015 they will shut off their ISDN (digital lines) and PSTN (copper lines) services completely in 2025.

    Neither of these technologies are capable of delivering the volume or quality of voice data needed in this increasingly digital world. Voice calls in the future will be made over the internet.


    Businesses are not yet ready

    A recent survey by National Business Communications has revealed that 62.1 per cent of UK businesses are still using landlines within their company and 45 per cent are unaware of BT’s looming Big Switch Off deadline.

    Are you a start-up business?

    Look local and established with a virtual landline for your business!

    Looking to find out more?

    Contact our team & we will book in a call to go through the next steps

    What options do I have in the future with a virtual landline number?


    With a virtual landline, you can choose to change who the calls are diverted to, as your company grows. Too busy to take the call? No problem, divert it to a call answering service or another member of your team.


    As you grow & you look to incorporate desk handset or soft phones, we can quickly upgrade your technology to have features like: outbound calling on your number, hold and transfer calls, Company voicemail & open/close times, & more!

    Modern technology

    As the virtual landline service is internet based, we can quickly change who we are diverting the number to, and upgrade equipment quickly if you need more features from your service.

    Looking for more from your telephony system?

    More features

    Analytics, call recording, call transfer, hold, marketing messages and set open/close times

    Working from home, the office – anywhere

    All you need is a stable internet connection to use our telephony product, why not book in a free demo to see it for yourself?

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