Small Biz Story 4 – Virtual Landline: A Lifeline

There is no exaggeration when we say that a virtual landline is a lifeline – for small businesses looking to improve their work/life balance, generate new enquires, sales, marketing campaigns, word of mouth referrals & generally survive in this super competitive world – a local number can be that simple solution to help with all areas of the business. 

Why? Well, this service is: 


A local number will attract local customers that want to put their money in the local economy – believe us, they exist, and there are lots of them!  

Why show a mobile number as your main call contact method? It has an image of being ‘pop-up’ and temporary, or certainly a mystery as to its location.  


Maybe you want to add a second number to your contact strategy, for advertising outside of your local area – or you want to take a portion of the market in a big city.  

Virtual landlines are limitless, and all calls are unlimited in our case, so you can bolt-on as many numbers as you like to take advantage of a geo-area for a campaign or if you want to have a generic ‘0330’ number, to show that you can cover anywhere in the UK and you are impartial to local.  

We helped a customer with establishing a coastal positioning in the UK – with key locations and local numbers added to the system to ensure the coastline was captured & marketing campaigns reflected their coastal presence – the message and the technology all connected!  


You will look more established – a landline number is synonymous with having a fixed presence, an area code says, “this is where we are, and we are proud of that” and people like that. You feel that you could break down the door if you had a problem that needed solving with your product or service.  

Buyers feel like you won’t ‘do a runner’ and disappear without a trace. It shows you have thought about your contact strategy, that you want to be called & spoken to, that you are not another service that only responds via email – and often slowly.  


Routing all call enquiries through a virtual landline number, even if it is just pointed to a mobile number, will allow you to scale quickly as the business grows. No need to reprint the van, the business cards, the fliers, and update digital ads, it is already there! 

If you wanted to add a simple gate that will allow calls in at certain times and days and divert to a pre-recorded greeting with a company voicemail outside of that, you can easily add it when you need it. Perhaps you outgrow your home office or shared workspace, and it is time for a dedicated office, this technology can be easily pushed to a physical handset, smartphone, or desktop to make and take calls. 


We all know the data network in the UK is undergoing some drastic changes, fibre is becoming more readily available & technology dependant on connectivity is slowly becoming more plausible around the country.  

With a virtual landline number, all calls are diverted to your UK mobile, meaning the call is coming in on the 2G network – a far more reliable connection method for calls (compared to sporadic 3G-5G services) so you can have confidence that the calls pushed through from your main number to your mobile are going to have the best chance of a call with the best quality.  

Lots of apps are now available for your UK landline, which are fantastic, and we sell some of them, but they can cause problems if you are on the move or in poor reception areas. We partner with 8×8 and there is a feature to take calls over the 2G network on your app, so if you are in a poor reception area, you can default to a normal phone call.  

Virtual Landline Summary  

Small business owners need to seriously consider a virtual landline for their business – the positive effects far outweigh the cost of rental. Our lines are from £7.50 + VAT per month with no contract. We all know we need to keep expenses minimal, but the difference a local number could make, if you are serious about growing your company, will pay for itself time and time again with more local enquiries and scalable options in the future.  

No pain now and no pain in the future.  

If you would like assistance setting up the correct customer contact strategy for your business, give us a call today! 

Our team will be glad to help answer your queries and to put you on the road to making a smarter telephony operation for your business. 

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