Roma Black

Products & Services: Business Mobile & Hosted Telephony

“…the best telephony system to suit our needs in order to service our international client base and our business as we grow.” – Lauren Windebank, Director, Roma Black.  


What communication challenges did they have?   

Roma Black required a system that can scale with the company’s exceptional growth. Fixing today’s problems would not be enough, we had to also focus on what will happen in the future as the client base & team members expanded.  


How did Wintercomms help? 

Business Mobile – EE 

  • Unlimited Minutes 
  • Unlimited Text 
  • Individual UK Data Allowance


We worked with the network to arrange a suitable SIM subscription that would tick all the boxes. This would allow users to work from anywhere using the voice, text & data network. Clients & candidates can easily reach their main points of contact, allowing the human touch to really thrive with such direct technology.  


Hosted Telephony – 8×8 

  • Unlimited Minutes to UK and International Landlines
  • UK & USA Numbers | Direct Dials 
  • Company & Individual Voicemail 
  • Pre-recorded Greetings 
  • Call Recording 
  • Reporting 
  • Open & Close Times 


A software-based solution that can be used on PC, Mac or Smartphone, this is a simple solution for any company looking to connect their users quickly without a huge cost burden with a modern telephone system.  

Providing unlimited minutes to the UK and international landlines, the team can reach out both internationally and locally with confidence. 

A licence-based model, this gives flexibility & choice regarding features required to each member of the team. Our system approach is not one-shoe-fits-all. We are tailored to each member of the team & how they need the system to work for them and features required.  

For inbound calling, pre-recorded greetings help the caller know they have called the right number instantly & calls route through to right members of the team. Direct dials can be issued and used like a mobile number, allowing a member of the team to be contacted directly without going through the company switchboard. A local number for the UK and USA encourages people to call in those locations.  

Why use local numbers?

Having a local presence through a local number helps build trust & reputation in that location. 

Supervisors can see system analytics. This will show when the peak calling times are, who is answering calls & any that require a call-back. Monitoring call recordings & downloading them for training and new staff enrolments give good insight into what standards are expected and how calls are dealt with by experienced members of the team.  

Calls are managed with a pre-configured auto-attendant. This will only route calls into the business during opening hours. Calls outside of these times are handled by a greeting and company voicemail feature. These voicemails can be emailed to specific members of the team or notifications pushed to their softphone.  


Wintercomms provide a dedicated account manager to deal with any queries or service issues, giving peace of mind that there will be someone to help if there are any issues with the network agreement.   


If you are having any similar communication challenges & would like to book a call with a trusted account manager at Wintercomms, please click the link & we will be happy to help. 

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