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What communication challenges did they have?

With multiple sites across the UK, the team were looking for a telephone line that could link them all together. Historically, the business traded with a mobile number. Whilst suitable for a start-up, the growing pains started to show when multiple calls from customers, staff & suppliers meant that the handler of the mobile was available 24/7.









How did Wintercomms help?

Telephone System – 8×8

  • Unlimited calls to UK numbers
  • Multiple site auto-attendant
  • Company voicemail for each site
  • Wireless handsets


We have introduced a branded greeting to the main group number, giving the caller options to divert to the relevant site. With massive success on Uber Eats, it is important the couriers are routed to the correct site when dealing with orders. Each site can dial out with the main group number, and have the ability to hold and transfer calls – all linked to a company voicemail services unique to each site.









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