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Products & Services: Telephone System & Business Mobile

Wintercomms have been really helpful with tons of free advice to assisting with problems I’ve had with BT. I’d highly recommend using them for a friendly, personable service that actually costs less than the big corporations.”

– Gareth, Director


What communication challenges did they have?

The local trading estate did not have fibre connectivity for many years, meaning the telephone solution had to be a traditional style landline – which has issues handling multiple calls, lack of automated messaging, unable to access off-site, and generally quite poor with disaster recovery and limited flexibility.







How did Wintercomms help?

Telephone System – 8×8

  • Multiple User Extensions
  • Open & Close Menu
  • Marketing on-Hold
  • Hold, Transfer & Company Voicemail

Now the property had the relevant fibre connectivity, we were confident to install a market-leading telephone solution with wireless handsets. Team members can now all operate a phone line at the same time, make and take calls for the gym and collaborate seamlessly with internal extension dialling. We kept the existing landline number for the business by transferring it from a traditional line to an internet-based SIP line – meaning that the team can now enjoy the benefits of a flexible and accessible telephone system to help exceed the needs of the gym and its members. To make the switch seamless, the new fibre line was installed first, meaning we were free to transfer the line over to our platform without cutting internet service off to the property – the landline (specifically the number we wanted to keep)  was also used to provide the original internet source, so we needed to make sure a new service was established before disrupting that original service.









Business Mobile – EE & O2

  • Unlimited UK Calls & Texts
  • Individual UK Data Allowance

We worked with EE and O2 to supply the right coverage and connectivity for the business mobiles and smart devices in the business. The latest devices were supplied and allow staff and directors to communicate around the clock & access network services both in the UK and abroad.


If you are having any similar communication challenges within your local area & would like to book a call with a trusted account manager at Wintercomms, please click the link & we will be happy to help.

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