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Products & Services: Business Mobile & Paperless Apps. 

Who are Denma Cleaning Services?  


What communication challenges did they have? 

Denma had an expensive O2 contract that was not fit for purpose. The data consumption was increasing & not suitable for their current tariffs. New handsets were required to refresh the mobile fleet and they felt there was not the personal touch with their current provider who would listen to the requirements and recommend suitable plans.  

Denma also used an expensive app-based paperless service to capture data whilst on site, which did not capture the full scope of data required for each site visit & were looking to have a form refresh, a platform that was easier to use and affordable. 


Mobile Fleet, Single Point of Contact, Commercial. 







How did Wintercomms help? 

Paperless Apps – INKWRX 

  • Tablet or Smart Phone Digital Form 

First, we looked at their current paperless technology, found what parts of the form itself were working and which parts were not. We added a few new elements to the form with signature capture, embedded photos on the form & a simple to manage portal that would allow Supervisors to see who is using the forms, how many have been received each day & what customer had been visited. 

With INKWRX you can expand the form based on the answers to the question. The benefit being that the form is only ever as long as it would need to be for that particular job. The users are more efficient and do not have to scroll through pages of questions/data that are not relevant to the customer. 

The users are completing the digital forms on 4G enabled smartphones and tablets, meaning they can be sent instantly back to the office for admin to process & invoice, saving time and money.  

Fully branded forms give a nice touch to the experience for the customer on who they are buying from and the team member to feel part of a brand they can be proud of.  


Business Mobile – EE 

  • Unlimited Calls 
  • Unlimited Texts 
  • Promotional Data Plans 
  • New Mobile Devices 
  • New Tablet Devices 
  • Business Cover 

We found the best deal on EE with a SIM free promotional plan with plenty of data & unlimited calls and texts. The benefit being an agreement direct with the network for payments and invoicing & an approved third party to manage the account and help with day-to-day queries such as: invoice copy, usage reporting, regular reviews, SIM & handset supply and end user troubleshooting.  

By using a finance solution for the new hardware, we were able to minimise the impact of the annual RPI increase of the EE tariffs (something all networks are doing) and improve the ability to stick to the budget with spend capping on the mobile call charges.   

Wintercomms provide a dedicated account manager to deal with any queries or service issues, giving peace of mind that there will be someone to help if there are any issues with the network agreement.   







If you are having any similar communication challenges & would like to book a call with a trusted account manager at Wintercomms, please click the link & we will be happy to help. 

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