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“Superb service from Wintercomms. I have recommended to other people in my industry.” – Billy McLachlan, Director, BMC Loft Conversions Ltd. 



What communication challenges did they have? 

BMC had quickly outgrown their home-based office & an office move was the next logical step for an expanding company. Offering their customers one single point of contact for a variety of works, they needed a communication strategy that would complement this approach to working with customers & offer a hassle-free way of communicating with each other.  

The key things needed were to furnish a new office with a new phone system that would allow office staff to simply make and take office calls during working hours. A facility for members to work remotely or at home and all calls to be captured by a member of staff or a simple yet effective company voicemail service out of hours. 

Moving their existing number from a landline to a cloud system also produced its own challenges with making sure service had minimal disruption whilst the purchase & refurbishment of the new premises was carried out, prior to moving.  


Home to Office Move, Single Point of Contact, Domestic & Commercial. 








How did Wintercomms help? 

Hosted Telephony – 8×8 

  • Unlimited Minutes to UK Numbers 
  • Direct Dials 
  • Company Voicemail 
  • Pre-recorded Greetings 
  • Open & Close Times 


During opening hours, the callers hear a pre-recorded greeting with options to speak to Sales, Accounts or Reception. Depending on the option pressed, they ring the relevant handsets to the team members responsible for those areas of the business – meaning that there is less disruption for the team members unable to help with these queries & for the customer to speak to the best people possible in the business, first time. 

If the team are on the phone or away, the calls overflow to a company voicemail, which is then sent as a notification to the handset or email to the relevant inbox.  

Out of hours, calls are directed to a pre-recorded greeting with explanation of when the office is open, when to call back & to leave a voicemail if preferred. Allowing the caller to be fully informed of when it is best to call and various options to take the enquiry further with minimal effort to the caller and the team.  

The auto-attendant options have various call paths: some will ring a specific handset for a set period and then overflow to the rest of the team. Other call groups have a set ring time for a specific period and then overflow to a voicemail service or call answering service.  

Any member of the team also has access to their extension by installing the 8×8 Work application on their Laptop, PC or Smartphone. Meaning the working from home or out of the office can be seamless & flexible for the company. 









Fibre Internet – TalkTalk 

  • Fibre To the Cabinet (FTTC) 
  • Business Grade Router 
  • Business Grade Switch 
  • Utilise existing Cat6 cabling infrastructure  


This was a new site for the company, so we had to run initial checks on the location to make sure we could get a suitable internet speed to have calls over the internet, as well as the normal traffic from users in the office, & on Wi-Fi.  

We have a comprehensive list of providers & were able to secure fibre from various suppliers, but TalkTalk had the quickest install time and competitive pricing to allow us to confidently sign-up for their internet service over the next 36 months.  

Internal cabling was already inherited from the previous occupant. We sourced a switch to power the phones over ethernet – meaning we do not have to take up unnecessary power sockets to power the telephones: which has a great cost saving over time & also allows for printers and desktops to be easily accessed for power.  

Wintercomms were given a simple list of requirements and a blank canvas and trust to project manage & install the system and services.  


Wintercomms provide a dedicated account manager to deal with any queries or service issues, giving peace of mind that there will be someone to help if there are any issues with the network agreement.   


If you are having any similar communication challenges & would like to book a call with a trusted account manager at Wintercomms, please click the link & we will be happy to help. 

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