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What communication challenges did they have?

The football ground is situated quite far away from the local BT exchange & without access to fibre. Meaning the only possible solutions to get fixed internet connectivity to the clubhouse was to either purchase a slow copper ADSL connection or pay much higher rates for a dedicated fibre line.

The clubhouse needed access to internet services for the electronic point of sale system via tablet devices all around the ground. The tablets are used in every event to take payments for food and drink, and without them they would have to use a cash only system for payments, meaning hurdles for customers to purchase the products on-site and having a negative impact on takings for each event.

Connectivity leading to monetary transactions.






How did Wintercomms help?

Business Mobile – EE

  • Individual UK Data Allowance

We worked with EE to supply a SIM that can be installed into a 5G LTE router. This would mean we could give the site access to fast internet speeds over the air, bypassing the need for a dedicated line from the exchange to the ground. The router from Zyxel is a simple plug and play device which will allow the device itself to identify the EE network and provision itself automatically. With this installed at the clubhouse till area, the local users can take advantage of the devices Wi-Fi capabilities to connect smart devices to and take payments.


Wi-fi Boosting around the ground – UniFi

  • 4 outdoor units around the ground
  • All connected to each other for seamless connectivity & handover

As the device in the clubhouse could only relay the Wi-Fi signal within a small area, we needed to run cabling and install access points around the ground for coverage at the ticket kiosk, outside stands & outside events area. Our engineers ran the cabling out of the clubhouse and installed 4 outdoor devices around the ground. These units report back to a main management system that allow us to see the status of the devices and troubleshoot before coming to site – if there are any coverage or connectivity issues. This means that the staff at the clubhouse can carry and iPad around the ground, taking payments, knowing the device will stay connected in those key transaction areas and staying on a card and cash-based payments system.









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