Simple Office Telephony

What is Simple Office Telephony? 

Traditionally this would be an off-white handset that sits on your desk and rings when someone calls the office number. Limited voicemail options and no chance of transferring a call – woopy doo. 

The ‘office’ is now changing rapidly with shared office spaces, working from home & even virtual office. The ‘simple’ side of things can be interpreted in different ways. What might be simple to one company could be over-complex and complicated for the next – it is all down to the consultation process and identifying how the business operates and how the simple approach can enhance the day-to-day operations of a business without confusing users and alienating people calling the business to enquire about products and services. 

There tends to be a trend of 2 main options for small businesses and their telephony set-up: 

Virtual Landline 

The first rung on the telephony ladder, is a virtual landline number. This is simply diverted to a mobile number, 24/7. This will then give the company a local presence with the local area code (hey, 02394, that’s Portsmouth, they are local!), an image of looking established (landline number? – they must have an office!), scalability – as the company grows, the calls filtering through to the main number will give the ability to move to the features listed in the next section, easily. As you cannot just hand your mobile around the business when calls are coming in, can you?  

We offer this service within 24 hours of an order & no contract. A quick and simple way to get the above features almost instantly, with minimal cost and commitment.  

Cloud Telephony 

This allows a business owner to be a bit cleverer with call routing – to accommodate where the teams work, what times you want to take calls & create rules for calls that fit outside the action of being answered. 

The first stage would be to look at the hours you wish for the phone to ring – Perhaps Monday to Friday, 0900 – 1700, in this example. Do you want a specific greeting for calls during those times? Perhaps, “thank-you for calling XYZ company, please hold and we will connect you to a member of the team.” Then the phone rings, or an auto attendant. Auto attendants get a bad name for themselves, mostly when calling a large corporate company and they have multiple layers of “press 1 for this, and 2 for that” that seem to endlessly go in loops. But a small business should not be put off by this feature, a simple 1 for sales, 2 for accounts and 3 for anything else, can-do wonders for making sure the wrong call is not landing in the wrong lap of a user – resulting in unnecessary interruptions and delays for the customer. It’s not too long winded and can be very efficient for everyone. 

Then the office phone(s) ring for a set amount of time. Let’s say, 20 seconds. If the call is answered, happy days. If not – what do you want to happen? Perhaps go to a company voicemail service, or divert to a call answering service, or overflow to a mobile number? 

Then what do you want to happen when the call is outside the office hours? One of the options above or maybe divert to an on-call engineer for those in the 24/7 service industry.  

Then you have a basic map of what happens, at what time, in what situation, for those valuable enquiries and sales calls for the business. 

Why do we need it? 

Because 9/10 people will want to talk to someone in the business before they buy. Some customers know what they want but still want to suss out if you are the right company for them. Others will have plenty of questions after seeing your web or ad copy & will want to speak to an expert just like you, and if you do not have your ducks in a row when it comes to telephony, that could mean missing that call & your copy converting for your competitor.  

Telephony can be simple to use and simple to install with the correct planning & expectations set before any pen must hit paper.  

People buy from people & a great way to build a relationship is over the phone with your voice. People are responsive to not only the words you use but also the tone in which you set those words. Coming across as helpful, friendly, and approachable will only make it easier for you to gain a new client & to start the journey making their life easier in business.  

When is the right time to have it? 

We would suggest having a local number in-place before you even begin trading, however you decide to market your business. For example: in-person, digital ads, website promotion, telemarketing, networking or door-knocking, the business card you leave behind would look that much more approachable with a local number for people to call. 

Not only that, as your business begins to succeed and grow, you will have a contact method that will scale with you – introducing things such as: call answering services, greetings, company voicemail and open and close times. 

It is too easy to get caught in the trap of starting a new business & feeling that you need to be available 24/7. Now, depending on the industry you are in, that is likely not the case and an office line that is closed for the weekend is not such a bad thing overall. It will give you a chance to recharge on the weekend and plan for the week ahead, without calls coming in at all hours which can easily wait until Monday. 

Who is it for? 

Any business. Any business that has people, dealing with people. From building relationships to one-off purchases. Even if people are buying your products and services online without needing to speak to someone, having a number they can call for advice or assistance will only increase your ability to give superb customer service & retain customers for years to come. Not to mention the word of mouth that spreads when you offer someone friendly and helpful service at the end of the phone. 

How do we get it? 

With a virtual landline, we can divert the number to your mobile instantly & without any additional equipment needed from your side. You will know who is calling you from the ID on the screen, so you can great those regular callers accordingly. Set-up can happen within 24 hours, and you can begin advertising your shiny new local number to customers all over the world, safety knowing all those enquiries will come through to the mobile phone in your pocket, wherever you are. 

If you want a smarter system, you just need an internet connection to use the service. All calls are routed via an app which can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop & you just need a stable internet connection to enjoy the service – for best results, we encourage our customers to run this service over a fibre connection via Wi-Fi or ethernet cable. 

If you would like to find out more, why not call our system & see for yourself! 

Our team will be glad to help answer your queries and to put you on the road to making a smarter telephony operation for your business. 

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