Running a business on the road

Some businesses need to be built on the road. That means minimal time at a desk and more time at the wheel of a car, on the train or in prospect and customer offices. 

This may seem like a challenge on the face of it: to get admin completed, your contact strategy sorted & the nuts and bolts of your business running smoothly, whilst you are out and about on the road. But thanks to the internet, we can connect our products and services online. Whilst we are on the move, we can collaborate and communicate with outsourcing and freelancing specialists, which will help compliment weaknesses, and give us time to be focused on our strengths. The boom in cloud-based technology has made it incredibly affordable and quick to start a business & begin running a very efficient business operation.  

“What sort of communication technology should be considered?” 

Business mobile  

A huge part of this strategy is your ability to communicate efficiently. Mobile is a great way to be at the fingertips of your business, no matter where you are. Calling prospects and customers to confirm details of a meeting or thanking them for their time and advising on the next steps of the buying process. Texting clients to add that personal touch & instant communication. Emailing your suppliers, customers & prospects on the move.  

Cloud CRM apps 

Perhaps using company apps, like HubSpot, to confirm addresses, contact details & notes, ahead of your meeting and an effective way to share information to those in the team. This is a very efficient way to make sure anyone you are employing, or outsourcing, has all the relevant information to perform tasks effectively. Logins can have specific access, if set-up correctly, so you can be confident with allowing people outside of your company viewing this information & cutting off access at a moment’s notice, if you need to.  

Virtual telephony 

A virtual landline number will give you an image of having a local, established, business, and give you the ability to scale simply and quickly. It will give companies confidence to buy from you because with a local or national number, they feel like they could walk into your office if they wanted to, which is a huge part of trust building and the buying process. Simply diverted to your business mobile, you can look local – whilst having the freedom to move and build your business from anywhere.  

If business is going well or you have the budget to include additional back-office support, you can incorporate a virtual PA for your office administration and calendar organising. They can follow-up on leads or confirm bookings before you make the 4 hour-round trips to the nearest city. With freelance sites and business networking, you will never be too far away from reaching out and finding the right person to compliment and help grow your business.  

“How do you stay in-touch efficiently?” 

Unified communications and specifically, cloud telephony, is here to stay. Adding additional users to your system can be a quick and effective way to include support in your team without needing to be squeezed into a costly office space. These apps will allow everyone to call, instant chat and video call at a few clicks of a button. A business must-have if you are running your company with more than one person in the business and not spending on a fixed location. Even those that are, will still benefit from having this type of system but if you are out on the road, this is essential for efficient growth.  

A virtual landline can be set-up and working within minutes. Instant local or national image for you to promote on your website, social media, business cards & direct mailing campaigns and more – and every call diverted to your business mobile, 24/7. 

Perhaps you are looking for more out of your virtual landline system?

A cloud telephony system will add features, such as: 

  • Pre-recorded greetings – “hello thank-you for calling company XYZ” 
  • Auto attendants – “press ‘1’ for sales” etc 
  • Company voicemail  
  • Transferring/holding of calls 
  • Instant chat between app users 
  • Video calling for internal and external virtual meetings 

These types of systems take 1 or 2 days to go live and built just the way you want it.  

Perhaps you want to take business calls Monday to Friday, 0900 – 1700. Outside of this, you want a pre-recorded greeting to stipulate your opening times & the option to leave a voicemail – which can be simply emailed to you or notified on the relevant application on your smartphone or desktop. Maybe you want a queue system, so if you are on the phone, callers will hear a pre-recording saying that you are busy and to continue to hold or press ‘2’ to leave a voicemail. Call recording can help with training of new members of the team and problem solving – also keeping a record of any length chats you have with clients, so you can focus on the discussion and listen to the call back after to make your notes.  

“How does this communication technology work?” 

Simply put, with an internet connection. Public Wi-Fi and specifically fibre connectivity is growing at a rapid pace in the UK. Linking your smartphone or laptop to this service can be a quick way to fire up these communication applications to send messages, make calls & virtually meet at a moment’s notice. These products also work over 3G/4G and 5G – so if you are on the road and pulling over to catch-up on office work after a meeting, you can use your smartphone or tether that device to your laptop & work as if you were using a fixed internet connection.  

Important information can be communicated quickly with internet-based communication technology and should be part of any business looking to have users out on the road or working from home.  

If you would like to find out more, why not call our system & see for yourself! 

Our team will be glad to help answer your queries and to put you on the road to making a smarter telephony operation for your business. 

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