How to get a virtual landline number

A traditional landline service

Landlines have been around since the 1800s. Whilst very robust forms of communication, they come with few features. Alternatives are so much richer now the virtual landline number service is available worldwide.

Since the launch of the mobile and voip technology, businesses and end users are starting to see that the use of a fixed line is somewhat limiting. We want more from our systems and BT have recognised that and are planning to disconnect these traditional landlines (PSTN) as of 2025.

Traditional-style telephones that are linked to PSTN landline services.

What is a virtual landline number

New landline technology and a virtual landline number has made it easier for you to take calls on the move, with far more features such as; open and close times, company voicemail, greetings, multiple devices across multiple sites and much more so the list really is somewhat endless for your virtual landline number service.

A virtual landline will give you a local number that a traditional line would give you but is an internet based virtual line, rather than a physical line you plug something in to. Calls diverted to mobiles, desk phones, call answering services, & much more.

The value to a small to large business with internet phone lines was so apparent during the COVID lockdown. Those who embraced the technology, before the ‘stay at home’ rules, managed to keep their customer service & sales staff connected. They didn’t need to be in an office to use the phone lines – it was all digital!

You can access the service on a smartphone, laptop, PC or voip enabled desk phone.

a smartphone device that can be utilised with a business mobile sim

VOIP vs a virtual landline number service

They are the same service with a different label. VOIP had somewhat of a bad name for itself because of poor checks be resellers. Providers need to ensure the internet connectivity at the location is suitable for carrying a quality call.

Putting a VOIP service on a basic broadband is going to end in disaster.

As data moves up and down the line, it is imperative to have a suitable bandwidth. No bandwidth means poor quality of calls. With fibre so prominent in the UK now, business owners need not worry so much about this risk.

Virtual landline is the rebrand of a service that was just not ready to be fully launched into a poorly connected country.

The technology has moved so far that you can even make calls over a 3G, 4G or 5G connection so why not check out our business mobile service to see what you could have for your next device.

a young call centre representative greets a caller in a large open plan office . Co-workers can be seen focussed in the background using a virtual landline number service.

What area codes are available with a virtual landline number service?

Local, national (01, 02, 03) and non-geographic numbers (0330, 0333, 0800) are just some of the virtual landline number options you can have for your business. You will have the flexible option of taking calls on a smartphone, tablet or voip enabled desk phone.

How easy is a virtual landline number service to set-up?

If you need a brand new number, that service can be set-up within hours of confirming all the relevant detail. If you have a number already, that can port across within 30 days.

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