Upgrade your landline number for mobile with the 8x8 voip telephony app. This is an app that will allow you to dial out showing your local landline number, whilst having the ability to also receive calls on the app too.

Get yourself a virtual landline

Small businesses are competing everyday for new business and to keep existing customers spending and with a virtual landline number, that can be so much easier.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could target, convert and maintain those customers and prospects with a simple telephony strategy?

Do you want local business?

With a virtual landline number you can pick the local area you wish to cover, for example; if you operate in london, grab yourself a 0208 number to get those calls coming in or 02392 if you are in Portsmouth.

Looking to cover the whole of the UK? Grab a non-geographic code like 0333 or 0330 to entice those callers. See more about this service here.

What are the benefits of local customers?

People like to buy local if they can! A local number will increase the chances of them calling your business and asking for your products and services which will lead to more money in the bank, however if you are missing this strategy, you are losing business!

They are more likely to leave a review and recommend you to their friends and family. They want a reason to talk positively about a local business – give them a reason to!

Find out more about this technology and what a virtual landline uk number is with cloud communications.

What would you do?

You see a two companies advertising a service and you would like to buy. You have the choice of a mobile number, a website to visit or a local landline number? Who are you going to call?

It does make a difference with who you are likely to call initially because we firmly believe, and have seen companies grow because of this, that a virtual landline service can transform your business.

Generate more enquiries, give your staff a chance to shine on the phone, and start to build those relationships that are going to form the foundation of your customer base with local, loyal customers.

A keypad used to operate a virtual landline uk service

I am already too busy to answer the phone! Help!

Point the virtual landline services to multiple users in your business. Are they working from home? They can access the service on a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop because they just need a compatible device and internet connection, that’s it!

In the business on your own and too busy to answer the phone?

Point the calls to a call answering service!

With telephony now comfortable sat in the cloud (internet based) telephony gives lots of flexibility to when and where phone calls end up because with our simple consultative approach, we can best advise on how to build the telephony system to maximise both the company and customer experience.

How easy is it to use?

All you need is a smartphone and you can be up and running within minutes because the layout is simple and intuitive, with no jargon and no complicated menus to navigate.

Login and make and take calls because you only need an internet connection to use the service.

Sync your calendar to the app to see all your scheduled meetings and calls

Virtual landline uk with built in calendar integration with outlook and gmail

Sync your company calendar to view and schedule video calls and see them all in one place.

Instant messaging built-in

Virtual landline uk with built in instant messaging

Instant chat with members of your team with group or 1-1 discussions. Update everyone in the business with the latest update, so there is no need for third party apps across multiple platforms – keep it smart and efficient and all in one place.

When can you get started?

We can have you up and running within hours if you want a new landline number or if you have an existing number you want to port across, we can do this within 30 days and give you a temporary number.

All we need to know from you is the local numbers you want to represent, who those calls are going to go to and at what time. Then we can build that system for you and maintain it, so you don’t have to!

With this service you will get unlimited calls, open and close times, pre-recorded greetings, call recording and analytics, plus much more!

Looking for more information? Head over to our unified communication page!

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