Going paperless with your business

The rising costs of the paper itself, ink, managed print services, administration, storage, and fuel/travel costs of getting the paper in the hands of the people to process it, can be clunky, expensive and time consuming. If you are not regulated to keep physical copies of documentation, perhaps paperless is the way to go. 

Maybe you are using paper to collect data for employee time sheets, pest control surveys, assessing health and safety risks, collecting prospect data at a business expo, or simply recording a customer order for a product or service – these processes can be vastly improved by converting them to a digital format. 

The solution is green, meaning a reduction in carbon emissions for those companies looking to make improvements to their environmental footprint. The processing time is vastly reduced, meaning quicker invoicing, no more scanning and storage costs & quicker turnaround times for customers and employees and the solution is affordable, with a typical return on investment of 10x that of the cost.  

“What is a digital form?” 

This is a form that you can access on a smartphone or tablet. Team members can access the form anywhere in the world and input critical data that can be sent to back-office for processing, in minutes.  

Whether it is a like-for-like design of an existing form or a newly developed form with smart content filters, fuzzy search boxes, pre-written customer information, signature capture, photo upload and more, the right form can be developed and improved for all processes. 

Company branding can be kept on the form and the reporting will allow managers to simply see how many forms have been completed each day and keep track of how much data is being captured on individual devices.    

If you have a suitable customer record, cloud storage or accounting system, forms can be automatically uploaded after sitting in a quarantine section to make sure the data is coherent and relevant.  

“How does a digital form work?” 

The number of digital forms is unlimited and so is the amount that can be sent form the device. A member of the team will create a new form and start populating the information based on what is needed, for example: 

Content will only appear if a certain criterion has been met. 

Is there asbestos on site?  

Yes -> a new box appears for the user to input additional detail and upload an image. 

No – > the section does not expand & they can move on to the next part of the form. 

Meaning you do not need to print off pages and pages of unnecessary content & the form can be as concise as it is required to be. 

Pre-recorded info like T&C’s and payment details etc. can be set as part of the template, so this is not required to be manually recorded each time. 

“Will a digital form work when the device is offline?” 

Yes. The application can still be accessed & information added to the document. When the user enters an area with data or Wi-Fi connectivity, the form is then sent – a bit like your outbox on your email client.  

“How many digital forms can I use?” 

Unlimited. The limitation is only the imagination for the number of forms that would be able to compliment and improve your data collection process. 

“Different people need different digital forms, is this a problem?” 

No. Only relevant forms for individuals will be available for them to access. Meaning salespeople will not get engineering forms, and visa-versa. You could have a bank of 50 forms, with users only being able to see the forms relevant to them.  

“This sounds great, but I think my form is too complex.” 

The best thing to do is to send us a copy of a commonly used form. We can then create it like-for-like in a digital format & you can test the form performance with a member of your team. You can then monitor what information has been captured, how easy it is for the end user to input the data and what format the form is returned in when successfully sent back to the office for processing.  

If you are looking to go greener, smarter & capture data in the field with digital forms, talk to us today to find out how we can help you move from paper to paperless in your business.  


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