Episode 2 – Getting back the time 

Working ‘in’ the business and working ‘on’ the business are two ways a company owner can spend their time. From making sure the product and services are meeting the correct standards of the company & customers, through to have the vision and planning to take the company on a certain journey of growth and success – and everything in between. 

We are very aware that interruptions, and specifically phone calls, are a big reason why some business owners struggle to get themselves out of the business, and to start investing time in the vision and on the business goals. 

Meaning that the company is not growing at the rate it could be – which is not what any business owner wants! 

Who have we helped with this issue? 

An accountancy service was having just this issue at certain times of the year. 

They, like all accountants, have increased demands before the corporate and personal tax year. All attention is on delivering the best service possible to their clients in those few months, and sometimes that takes a hit on the onboarding and efficiency of taking on new clients during this time.  

With the increase in inbound call traffic, due to companies looking for alternative accountancy services, or even just to onboard for the first time, the customer could not afford to lose the annual opportunity of getting more customers signed up to services and risking them moving on to a competitor.  

A solution was required to capture the inbound leads, whilst still freeing up the business owners time to complete the work for their clients, and for the company to capitalise on the business growth during this period without existing clients suffering. 

What did we do to make life easier? 

Wintercomms implemented a solution that would allow the accountancy firm to make and take calls on an internet-based phone system. This system can be accessed on a traditional style handset, desktop, or smartphone. Calls to the main number during the hours of 0800-1700 had the relevant pre-recorded business greeting, and then were diverted to a call answering service. This would allow every call to be answered by a professional team, tasked with identifying key bits of information (callers name, business, contact number, reason for call etc.), to then be passed on to our customer via email, allowing them to follow-up at a convenient time and to not be interrupted.  

Calls outside of these hours were captured by a company voicemail & emailed to the client instantly, meaning they would not be missed and could be followed up at the earliest convenience.  

As and when the customer would need to make an outbound call, they could simply access the telephony service on whatever device they required, and to dial instantly, regardless of the time of day. Meaning there were no accidental answering of inbound calls and no calls being transferred interrupting their workflow. 

When do the good times roll? 

This divert to call answering service was implemented to work during the 2-3 busiest months of the year. However, it has been so successful that they have taken it on full-time, allowing them to concentrate on the service of their existing clients and to improve staff retention and training, confidently knowing they have a dedicated service capturing all their inbound traffic. The divert to call answering services happens instantly, we just need to point the number in the right direction in the background with a few clicks – no order forms being sent to networks or delays in processing because of admin volume etc.  

How does it work? 

By deploying an internet-based telephony solution, we could deploy the licences within 24 hours & port existing numbers to the platform within 30 days. The customer is given a temporary number, to divert the main line to, whilst we port from the existing provider. Users can download the application and log in instantly and begin using the service immediately. The telephony also comes with the option to instant message between team members, have all calls recorded, and set-up branded video conferencing. As this is internet based, the users working in the office and working at home, can all use the same features and communicate effectively between each other and any outbound activity they need to make – calls and video meetings. 

If you would like assistance setting up the correct customer contact strategy for your business, give us a call today! 

Our team will be glad to help answer your queries and to put you on the road to making a smarter telephony operation for your business. 

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