EE – why is it so good?

EE Mobile has been a leading name in the UK mobile network space for many years, providing reliable connectivity and high-speed data services to millions of customers. Over the years, EE Mobile has received numerous industry awards, recognising its outstanding performance and service.

EE Mobile Awards:

1. Fastest Mobile Network in the UK

EE Mobile was awarded the fastest mobile network in the UK by Ookla in 2020. The award recognises the network’s consistent delivery of high speed, low-latency connectivity to customers.

2. Best Network for Video

EE Mobile received the award as the best network for video by uSwitch in 2020. The award recognised the quality of video streaming on EE Mobile, as well as the network’s overall reliability for data intensive applications.

3. Best Network Coverage

EE Mobile was awarded the best network coverage award by RootMetrics in 2020. RootMetrics’ award recognised the network’s performance in its bi-annual survey of mobile network performance, in which EE Mobile came out on top for overall network coverage, reliability, and speed.

4. Best Customer Support

EE Mobile received the award for best customer support from uSwitch in 2020. The award recognised EE Mobile’s continued commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience, through its range of support options, including online chat, social media, and phone support.

5. Best Network for Roaming

EE Mobile was awarded the best network for roaming by uSwitch in 2019. The award recognised the network’s comprehensive roaming capabilities, including 4G roaming in over 50 destinations, as well as its travel bolt-ons that provide access to data, minutes, and texts at a low cost.

EE Mobile has consistently shown its commitment to customer satisfaction through its dedication to delivering high-performance mobile network services. The awards it has won are a testament to the quality of its services, including network coverage, speed, customer support, and data and video streaming. As a customer, choosing EE Mobile for your mobile network needs can assure you of the best possible experience in terms of quality, reliability, and performance.

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